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Eat and sleep in the best locations. We’ll take you closer to the local people and culture, without skimping. This is one of our most important tour philosophy
Best Prices
All our motorcycle tours are fully inclusive. Our tour prices are final prices. There are no hidden costs, upgrades or other surprises. We guarantee it.
Attractive Spots
Every tour has been meticulously researched to show you the best riding and cultural experiences Vietnam has to offer.
Fast & Simple Booking
We appreciate that all our riders have busy lives, and once you’ve decided on a tour, the booking process needs to be swift and pain-free.
Food on Tour
Vietnamese food is excellent at the places we stay. Good food and plenty of cold beer at the end of each days riding. We can accommodate vegetarian and non-pork eaters, please let us know any special dietary requirements.
Quality Motorcycles
Our own motorcycles are in excellent condition, well maintained and serviced according to European standard by staff mechanics. We don’t rent out our motorcycles and only use them on guided tours.
Our Vietnam Motorcycle Tours are accompanied by 15 years old experienced on the road, local knowledge, ensure a safe and happy journey. Plus professional mechanics with safe and sophisticated equipment.
During tours, there are lots of activities to enjoy. We all love motorcycle ride in Vietnam, and we ensure you will too. Vietnam for many a life-changing experience. Come ride with us – the real deal!
We put client safety first and make sure we know road conditions and judge clients abilities on tour to adjust route selection. We travel with a full first aid kit and have a network of private and local health clinics along the routes.
Happy Clients
Many of our riders have returned for other rides in different routes or recommend us to there friends. Have a look at our Tripadvisor Reviews to see the real reviews, no fake reviews, real customers, real experiences
Our guides have years of experience traveling Vietnam and know the roads many small tracks that take you off the beaten track. We tailor our itineraries to your riding style and road conditions and are flexible for the adventurous at heart.
We limit our motorcycle tours to 10 riders, according to each tour. Because it will let you discover all about this wonderful country in the most meaningful, fun comfortable and exciting way. Small groups are safer and friendlier.


To Book or Enquire about a tour please fill out the form below. We will respond as quickly as possible. We are looking forward to riding with you! Thanks.

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You dream of a unique Vietnam motorcycle tours 2019

You do love adventure!

You are extremely keen on stunning views!

You are very excited about cultural minorities’ diversity!

You are interested in the local’s hospitality!

LoopBikeTours meets such these requirements much more than your expectation!

Contact us today to see the REAL VIETNAM by totally included DIRT BIKE tours on the most incredible off-road tracks, on bamboo rafts and on Ho Chi Minh legendary trail along Vietnam or across Laos and Cambodia. Join us to experience the most perfectly unforgettable bike trips in the way you want!

Take a Look at Our


Hanoi - Thac Ba - Ha Giang - Dong Van - Meo Vac - Bao Lac - Cao Bang - Ban Gioc waterfall - Ba Be lake
9 days
Best Seller

Motorbike Tour Northern Vietnam - 10 Days

Hanoi - Mai Chau - Phu Yen - Son La - Mu Cang Chai - Sapa - Bac Ha - Xin Man - Hoang Su Phi - Ha Giang
10 days

Motorbike Tour Northwest Vietnam - 7 Days

Hanoi - Mai Chau - Moc Chau - Phu Yen - Mu Cang Chai - SaPa - Thac Ba Lake
7 days

Thrilling Ha Giang Motorbike Tour - 7 Days

Hanoi - Thac Ba - Ha Giang - Dong Van - Meo Vac - Bao Lac - Ba Be lake
7 days

Motorbike Tour Northeast Vietnam – 9 Days

Hanoi - Thai Nguyen - Bac Son - Mau Son - Lang Son - Quang Uyen - Cao Bang - Ban Gioc Waterfall - Bao Lac - Meo Vac
9 days
Best Seller

Motorbike Tour Hanoi to Mai Chau - Pu Luong - 3 Days

Destination: Hanoi - Mai Chau - Pu Luong
3 days

Riding motorbikes in Northern Vietnam is the best thing to do in Southeast Asia in general and in Vietnam in particular. Luckily it isn’t too difficult to do as well.

North Vietnam motorbike tours become the most popular because of off-road tracks, untouched nature and ethnic culture diversity. Every day, we get almost bookings of North Vietnam motorbike tours.

Indeed, North Vietnam motorbike tours offer bikers the less travelled routes, even no traffic in remote areas. There, they can do whatever they want, enjoy their riding in the way they desire because tracks are theirs. Besides, making a lifetime event among thrilling nature of forests, grand mountains, rivers, caves, waterfalls, etc, cannot better to choose North Vietnam motorbike tours. Masterpieces given to Northern nature will surely satisfy all travelers. Moreover, adventurers would be excited to learn about the different culture. Vietnam is well known as 54 ethnic minorities and each of them has their own traditional beauty. Many of these ethnic groups live in Northern Vietnam, which draws a colorful picture of culture. With above attractions, wanderers must be surprised at things that a North Vietnam motorbike tour can offer.

There are many highlights and Top Gear routes in Northern Vietnam, which lets Loop Bike Tours tailor easily the special rides fitting bikers’ request and schedule. To choose your favorite North Vietnam motorbike tours and Vietnam motorcycle tours, please feel free to contact us at any time, we are willing to recommend the best to you!      

Best Seller

Motorbike Tour Northern Vietnam - 10 Days

Hanoi - Mai Chau - Phu Yen - Son La - Mu Cang Chai - Sapa - Bac Ha -
10 days

Motorbike Tour Northwest Vietnam - 7 Days

Hanoi - Mai Chau - Moc Chau - Phu Yen - Mu Cang Chai - SaPa - Thac Ba Lake
7 days

Motorbike Tour Northeast Vietnam – 9 Days

Hanoi - Thai Nguyen - Bac Son - Mau Son - Lang Son - Quang Uyen - Cao Bang -
9 days
Best Seller

Motorbike Tour Hanoi to Mai Chau - Pu Luong - 3 Days

Destination: Hanoi - Mai Chau - Pu Luong
3 days

Motorbike Tour Northeast Vietnam - 5 Days

Hanoi – Ba Be lake – Cao Bang – Ban Gioc waterfall – Quang Uyen – Lang Son
5 days

Vietnam motorcycle tours have been done by Loop Bike Tours

Our Vietnam motorcycle tours have been operating for over 15 years. During this time, LoopBikeTours has explored the breadth and length of the country, discovered places left untouched by tourism, ridden on the best routes to see REAL VIETNAM including thrilling scenery, cultural diversity and local’s hospitality. We are constantly finding new exciting roads to ride, looking for the less travelled regions to take you away from the tourist crowds. We just want to offer riders a true Vietnam adventure.

Our best-selling bike tours are Northern Vietnam loop tours covering Mai Chau, Moc Chau, Ta Xua peak, Mu Cang Chai, Sa Pa, Dien Bien Phu, Ha Giang, Ba Be lake, Ban Gioc waterfall, Mau Son peak, Thac Ba lake, Ha Long bay; Ho Chi Minh trail bike trips from Ha Noi via Tan Ky, Phong Nha, Khe Sanh, Hue to Hoi An, Nha Trang, Da Lat, Ho Chi Minh city; Borderline bike adventures Vietnam – China, Vietnam – Laos, Vietnam – Cambodia; or Crossing bike trips Vietnam – Laos, Vietnam – Cambodia.

Based in Hanoi, Vietnam, and has been organizing Vietnam motorbike tours for over 15 years, Loop Bike Tours offers bikerss the finest guided and most exhilarating authentic adventures in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. We consider ourselves the best company for guided on road and off road motorbike tours in Hanoi, Vietnam.
Our included Vietnam motorbike tours covering good accommodation, tasty meals, water, fuels, top quality motorbikes, best English speaking guides, entrance fee, etc, are available all year around, from one day to one month or more, up to bikers’ schedule. We choose the best highlights and suitable routes fitting riders’ level from beginning to advanced. We also arrange support car and mechanic upon riders’ request. Besides, we also provide other services like airport pickup and see-off and help clients to book accommodation before and after tours. In terms of staff, Loop Bike Tours’ guides and good mechanics have many years of experience in motorcycling, helpful officers who are fast and professional at customer care. The expert staff aims to make sure riders enjoy the best Vietnam motorbike tours and adventures in Laos and Cambodia with safety first, then fun.
Are you looking for the finest Vietnam motorbike tours across Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia? We simply take bikers around unseen spots, exotic cultures, scenic routes, stunning nature and the local’s hospitality. Vietnam motorbike tours with Loop Bike Tours are not merely destinations, but the whole journey and experience.

Getting lots of preciously long-term experience in organizing hundreds of off-road motorcycle trips across Southeast Asia each year, LoopBikeTours are truly happy with gaining more and more foreign bikers’ satisfaction which are shown in their excellent reviews on us on Tripadvisor Reviews

Happy Riders

Best Vietnam motorcycle tours, quite simply the best organised tour with the friendliest guides and drivers. If you want to see Vietnam then this is the way to do it. Safe, fun, amazing and friendly…

Peter Craig
Peter CraigAustralia

We saw some of the most breathtaking scenery along the way. The LoopBikeTours team are very professional and do everything they possibly can to make sure your experience of Vietnam is a memorable one.

Sheree McCarthy

Awesome Vietnam motorcycle tours! A big thank you to LoopBikeTours for sharing with us the most magical scenery and cultural experiences on our holiday. Would definitely come back for a 3rd

Sheree M
Sheree MAustralia

What an awesome holiday. It was nice to have someone there to help with anything we needed the minute we landed They are a very energetic friendly and organized company. Thanks for all…

Ron Coleman
Ron ColemanUnited Kingdom

Professional guide. Great organization. New motorbike. Lovely homestays. Great Vietnam motorbike tours, Unrestricted to recommend. We are definitely coming back. Thanks for all…

James K
James KColorado

Awesome Vietnam motorbike tours! We have used LoopBikeTours twice and are keen to book for a third time soon.. Amazing tours, great guides, great bikes. Well worth the money.

Kelly Mckinnon
Kelly MckinnonAustralia

What needs for Vietnam motorcycle tours?

Our bike tours are available all year around, therefore, when to do Vietnam motorbike trips with us is totally up to your free-time. Each season offers bikers different landscapes and interesting experience.

Destination, your arrival, numbers of day/member, bikes kind, riding levels. Feel free to contact us whenever you intend to do a Vietnam bike trip. We will discuss together on it as a reservation. In case you are ready for Vietnam riding days, please let us know Where (destination(s)), When (your arrival, day to start the trip), How (how many days/bikers?), Which (bike kind, riding levels). The sooner before bike trip you contact us, the better and cheaper service you can get (flights/rooms/bikes, etc). If you haven’t decided yourself where to ride to, we will recommend the best highlights on the most scenic routes to get to.

As soon as you decide your arrival, book flights yourself to get the cheapest tickets to save money. We offer the airport pick up, if you want this, please send us your flight information.

Visa/passport, money, personal belongings, (sunglasses, shoes, good helmet, bike license are optional). Before the flight, make sure to take your visa/passport, money and personal belongings with you. Take your sunglasses, good shoes, helmet if you don’t want to get them from our included tour (you can also buy them in Ha Noi). Bring your bike license (this not strict for foreigners in Vietnam).

After landing in Noi Bai international airport, we will pick you up upon your request, to your hotel. Let’s meet the team and the guide for beer/coffee before the tour to make acquaintance together (if you would like to).

When all things are already for the trip, it is time for you to feel excited about the coming riding days which are led by our experienced guide on the most scenic routes to the highlights you expect. The safe and funny riding days will be one of your unforgettable moments in your lifetime.


TOUR DATE FOR 2019-2020

Set Departure Dates for Vietnam motorbike tours

Looking for Vietnam motorcycle tours authentic? Being available all year around, we can create a custom motorbike tour itinerary to meet your travel schedule and riding style. For the most spectacular ride of your life, look no further than the northern and Ho Chi Minh legendary trail Vietnam motorcycle tours offered by LoopBikeTours

To check out all tour dates, please click here. Please don’t hesitate to contact us any time in case of further questions.

English Hotline in Vietnam:

Please contact +84 333 830 689 (phone call or Whatsapp)

Join a group on our tour schedule, see below for the current schedules. To check out all tour dates, please click here.

Tour Code Departure date Tour Description Status
NWV2510  25th Dec 2019 Motorbike Tour Northwest Vietnam – 7 Days Open
HNMC0111 1st Jan 2020 Motorbike Tour Hanoi to Mai Chau – 2 Days Open
HNHCM11 24th Dec 2019 Motorbike Tour Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh – 14 Days Open
HNNB021 2nd Feb 2020 Motorbike Tour Hanoi to Ninh Binh – 4 Days Open
NTV0901 9th Jan 2020 Motorbike Tour Northern Vietnam – 10 Days Open
MCTX2001 20th Jan 2020 Motorbike Tour Hanoi to Mai Chau and Ta Xua – 3 Days Open
NTV0302 3rd Feb 2020 Motorbike Tour Northern Vietnam – 10 Days Open
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