Ban Gioc Waterfall – Amazing North Vietnam Motorbike ride

Ban Gioc waterfall is a jewel with the untouched potential of the tourism industry in Vietnam. It is in Cao Bang province, on the border of Vietnam and China. This is one of the most majestic landscapes of Vietnam and is a must become a destination for bikers who want to see REAL Vietnam by motorbike.

Best time to do travel to Ban Gioc Waterfall

Ban Gioc Waterfall motorbike tour at any time of the year, riders will be satisfied because of its always beauty. The rainy season here lasts from June to September. This is the time of extraction of water billowing and white foam but also extremely impressive. The dry season is from October to May when the water is peaceful and more tranquil. This is the best time for biking around North Vietnam and Ban Gioc waterfall, more easily accessible.

Ban Gioc Waterfall By Motorbike – how to travel to?

Ban Gioc is far about 370 km from Hanoi. This is not too long distance, allowing visitors to choose many different means of transportation. By cars and early start in the morning, we can reach in the afternoon. However, the best most interesting to travel to Ban Gioc is by motorbike. Bike trips let riders stop at different scenic points along the way. Apart from Ban Gioc, bikers can see the other beautiful scenery of the mountains in northern Vietnam such as Nguom Clams, Ta Lung border gate markets, Lenin Stream, Mountain Karl Marx, Pac Bo cave where Uncle Ho worked and led the revolution. In the dry season, the waterfall is amazing with full of green color, poured down gentle white water, the cool and fresh air. Motorbike to Ban Gioc and northern Vietnam in November and December, riders have the chance to see the triangle circuit of flowers and bright pink beautiful yellow wild sunflowers.

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Ban Gioc Waterfall Motorbike tours

Ban Gioc waterfall motorbike tours are for Ban Gioc by motorbike. In the dry season, you should bring warm clothes because the temperature can down quite cold at night. The home-stays or hotels in Cao Bang are no shortage of affordable prices but you should book in advance and contact to find a place to sleep.

Traveling around Northern parts of Vietnam from 8 to 12 days, you can make a lifetime trip. Please contact us for more information.



James King
August 17, 2019
Hi. We have ridden 4 days Northwest but next trip in December, we would love to do this one. Could you please set a trip covering Ban Gioc for 5 days?

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