Best time to do motorcycle tours in Vietnam

Are you intending to ride in Vietnam? Not sure about what date to choose yet?

It is a common storyline if you have never been to Vietnam before. However, fortunately, this writing by our team at Loop Bike Tours, will share with you all the answers you need.

A Rundown on Vietnam’s Weather

Located in Southeast Asia, Vietnam has 4 main seasons of tropical climate. They are Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

However, there is not worst time to visit, because each season owns its typical features and offer different landscapes.

The only concern is the rainy season which is typical to any tropical areas. If you want to avoid, you should avoid July, August, and January and early February. But is the rainy season really bad? Otherwise, it can provide riders memorable trips with strange experience

Indeed, because the rains tend to last only a short time, and it has a great advantage: it regulates the temperature. Vietnam is a hot country all summer, and some rain makes things more tolerable.

Thus, if your schedule only allows you to come to Vietnam during these months, don’t worry, because it will not make your holiday terrible. Only consider the possibility of rain, and prepare for it.

Summer in Vietnam

It can be quite hot in Vietnam from May to July, especially in May and June, which are the hottest months of the year. Be ready for it, because the temperatures can reach to 40°C.

Nonetheless, if you love the heat and the sun, you will like the weather very much. Just in case that it can get REALLY hot, especially if you are from a country owning a very hot summer.


Autumn Vietnam motorbike tour

Autumn in Vietnam follows summer. It starts from August to October. The weather is cool and slightly sunny at the temperature range from 23°C to 28°C. It is ideal to crop to be gathered. Therefore, if you love gold rice terraces, don’t hesitate to take a motorcycle tour to enjoy in time before they are totally cut off.

Vietnam’s Winter

To many people all over the world, winter in Vietnam is not really feel cold, because in almost regions, the temperatures range often experience from 8°C to 22°C, which is quite good. But in the north Vietnam, the climate is more harsh when the temperature often drop under 0°C. If you want to find snow, Sa Pa can truly offer you.

Best time to motorcycle touring to Vietnam

The winter in Vietnam begins from November to January. It is also great season to visit Vietnam if you want to see symbolic flower named Tam Giac Mach in Ha Giang, get on cloud moments, ride through fog in Sa Pa, discover remote tribal villages sleeping through cold winter, etc.

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Spring Vietnam

If you are a flowers lover and fruits so you should travel to Vietnam, especially in North from February to April. For example, Son La where has Moc Chau plateau is full of white cherry blossom sea, green tea hills, green rice terraces. Ta Xua here is the best peak to hunt cloud. Motorbiking around the North, you can pick as many as fruits you love to enjoy along the road.

Different Regions and Different Choices

After getting an overall knowledge of Vietnam’s climate, it is hard to say when the best time to come to Vietnam. Because each season creates different experience and different attractions. Just up to your choice and your hobby of landscapes.

Vietnam is rich in everything, and its different areas are not the exception to the rule. Let’s check some of them, so you can decide your trip perfectly.

When To Visit North Vietnam in general and Ha Giang and Sa Pa in particular?

As a local guide, I recommend September, October, November, February, March, April. These months offer you gold terraces, flowers, cloud, cool weather, etc

When To visit Central?

The weather in centre Vietnam is quite the same as in the North. So you can choose the months that I mentioned above.

Nonetheless, there is something to take into account: the sea. Things can get wilder in specific times of the year, precisely from July or August because sometimes there are hurricanes which make the ocean wave strongly. The ideal time to visit beaches is September to June. The sea turns much calmer and the weather is good, so there is plenty things to do.

When To Visit Cuu Long delta and Sai Gon?

Different to the others, Sai Gon and Cuu Long delta in the South Vietnam has 2 clear seasons. They are rainy one from late April to November and dry season is from late November to mid April. In wet season, there are lots of heavy rains and maybe last all day, even from today to tomorrow. The temperature is cool. The dry season is very harsh when the temperature experiences from 35°C to 40°C, together with dense population in Sai Gon and other big cities, makes it hard to enjoy the life. The sunshine seems to heat everything. But if you take a motorcycle tour down to the south on Ho Chi Minh trail to Sai Gon, it is very worthy to discover the real Vietnam along its length on all kinds of terrains, cultures and nature beauty.


Now you have a good idea on the best time to visit Vietnam and its most popular regions. If you have any more questions, then leave us comments below and we will be happier to help you, and of course, let us know what you think about this writing!



Victory Biebers
January 26, 2019
What's the best time of the year to visit? For the northeast Vietnam 9 days off-road tour
Thuc Ha
January 26, 2019
Hi mate. Nice to hear that you are interested in 9 day bike tour. The best times to do are Sept, Oct, Nov, March and April. But if you wanna enjoy snow and coldness, Dec, Jan and Feb can offer. Please let us know your free time (actually each month gives you great experience)
Shawns Swift
February 7, 2019
Could we experience a bike trip in December?
Thuc Ha
February 7, 2019
For sure mate. It is great experience to see snow in Vietnam. Please check your email. Thanks!
Bardi Beckham
March 14, 2019
We think of 10 day trip with you to Northeast Vietnam. What do you recommend?
Thuc Ha
March 14, 2019
Happy to see you are intending to ride with us for 10 days across Northeast. Which month would you be free in Sept, Oct, Nov, Feb, March, April or May?
April 11, 2019
Please send us the itinerary for 19 day across North this Sept, cheers
Thuc Ha
April 11, 2019
Thanks for your interest in our bike trip. Please check your email. Thanks!
J.K. Madonna
April 19, 2019
Very helpful article, thank you Loop Bike Tours
Thuc Ha
April 19, 2019
Thanks for your concern on us, you are welcome. Hope to ride again with you soon! Plan then let us know. Thanks!
Adele Mandi
May 10, 2019
Please let me know are your tours available this September?
Thuc Ha
May 10, 2019
yep. Thank you for your interest. Our tours are available all year around. Let us know your detailed plan. Thanks!

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