Dance on the Cloud

There is a few art show containing both the vibrant and meditative philosophy elements of a colorful carnival like “Dance on the Cloud” at Sun Word Fansipan Legend tourist area (Sa Pa, Lao Cai). Viewers have come once will would like to enjoy more times.

“Dance on the Cloud” takes place during 3 months from July 13th to Oct 13th. This is also the second brainchild of “stage witch” Pham Hoang Nam after “Anh Duong Dance” at Sun World Ba Na Hills (Da Nang).

Right from the beginning, the festival draws audiences in the exciting and jubilant atmosphere of the highland. Five symbolic color brocade strips and passionate Muong Hoa dance make the festival a common dance of ethnic groups

Enjoying the wild dance with highland breath, viewers suddenly stray into the love story between Mr Do and Ms Quyen. The couple is radiant as two flowers blooming in the middle of the Northwest mountains. Brocade strips transform into clouds and sky, twisting mountains to make the background for the couple to find each other. They met and got married.

From the common becomes to a private story, from the crowded market to the couple’s private space. This delicate guide makes the audience unable to take their eyes off of the couple among Northwest’s traditional music.

When happiness has reached its fullness, from the behind, a series of deep bass sounds suddenly resound. Viewers startle when seeing back to the stage changed with the Red Dao’s bustling and featured wedding. It is rare for many people to see such a part of the unique wedding ceremony of the indigenous Dao people.

Right at the time of the most uplifting emotions, the temple bell slowly rises up. In a moment, love markets, weddings turn into a spiritual space with pure white shirt blowing in the wind.

In the wild atmosphere, the bell-chime, the steady knocking and the mysterious verse are the background for the “spiritual convergence”. This makes all emotions stagnated. There is a feeling like every dancer is turning his mind to Buddha.

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A series of mindful gestures, chanting, etc, are skillfully stylized, making viewers purify their souls and shake off all troubles before continuing on the pilgrimage to discover such a beautiful spiritual community as the Buddha realm on the Northwest peak.

In just 20 minutes, director Pham Hoang Nam could lead the audience to experience many levels of profound feeling and passion. The beauty that makes almost every visitors, once experience, is enough to realize the tranquility of Buddhism among Northwest culture beauty. As a result, wanderers will regret and want to come back many times.




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